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Can children do judo?
Absolutely! Unidos Judo Clubs welcome students aged five and up.

Do boys and girls train or compete separately?
Training is co-ed. Competition is generally separate, and always separate after age 10.

What are the colored belt ranks for kids?
White, Yellow (two degrees), Orange (two degrees), Green (two degrees), Blue (two degrees), Purple (two degrees), Brown (three degrees).

What are the colored belt ranks for adults?
White, Yellow, Orange, Green, Brown (three degrees), Black (ten degrees).

Can a child earn a black belt in judo?
Not generally. As a black belt signifies a level of maturity and emotional development as well as technical skill, black belts are not routinely awarded to judo practioners under age 18. However, students who demonstrate exceptional skills may be awarded a black belt at an earlier age.

Are students required to compete to earn advancement?
No - judo should be fun! Competition is fun for some and not fun for others. Advancements are made based on skills acquired and expertise shown. That said, participating in tournaments can help a student advance faster, mostly by accelerating the acquisition of skills as reflected in the points earned by competing.

Can middle-aged people do judo?
Absolutely! Because judo emphasizes skill over force, it's a sport one can practice for a lifetime. Also, judo can be as hard or gentle a workout as you need on any given day.

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How much do classes cost?
Contracts are not required at the South Clairemont Rec Center. The monthly fee is $50 per person, due by the second class of each month, paid to the South Clairemont Rec Center. All payments must be made online at SDRecConnect.com. No on-site payments are accepted. Effective September 8, 2015, the city's outsourced payment processor will charge transaction and processing fees on top of the city's class fees. Click here for step-by-step instructions on using the City's online registration system.

Is there a mat fee?
Mat fees are included in the monthly fee. Visiting judo players pay a mat fee of $10 per class session.

When are classes held?
At the South Clairemont Rec Center, every Monday 5:30 pm to 6:45 pm and every Saturday 10:00 am to 12:00 noon, except holidays. See our judo class schedule for a complete calendar.

How much does it cost to join Unidos Judo Clubs?
In addition to the monthly class/facility fee, a judo gi (uniform) and USJA membership are required. The USJA membership is $45 per year, and includes insurance; it is required for belt promotion and tournament entry. Judo gi prices vary based on size and quality. Most children's gis are under $42; adult sizes are $46 and up.

Can I get a used gi?
Absolutely! As long as it is clean and intact, your gi does not have to be new. If it's for a child, ask around - some of our judo parents have gis their children have outgrown. We have also occasionally seen gis at thrift shops. Be aware, though, that the judo gi is substantially heavier and more rugged than a karate uniform.

Are there any other fees involved?
Most tournaments charge entry fees, typically about $30 per player. Promotion fees cover the costs of administering the records and recording the rank with the USJA; they typically start at $30. If a belt is required, belts typically cost less than $10.

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