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In Memoriam
Sensei Jesse Jones


Kudan - 9th degree black belt, judo
Shichidan - 7th degree black belt, jujitsu
Founder, Unidos Judo Clubs
Former President, USJA
2013 USJA Coach of the Year
Certified Continental Coach
Event Director, California State Games


"Jesse Jones was my first Sensei, when I was nine years old. This was in the '70s, when the world wasn't as tolerant as it is today, and to have a Black Sensei was very unusual. But because of where we were, we had judoka who were white, Black, Latino, Asian, you name it. We worked out together, we travelled together, and we kicked butt together. Unidos was a great club.

"Jesse's legacy is the dojo's kids. Your kids. That's what makes Unidos a great club still."

- Sensei George Putnam


"The American judo community has lost a wonderful, kind leader and gentleman who will be missed by many. For me personally, he was both a close friend and a trusted advisor who navigated our organization back to life."
- Gary Goltz, USJA president

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